Creative Culture Trust CIO

Creative Culture Trust aims to advance the education of the general public in the appreciation of the arts in all their forms and to promote the arts for the public benefit by providing arts charities, non-profit, community organisations or individuals with access to property in otherwise vacant units on a non-commercial basis who are unable to afford the baseline occupancy costs with the object of encouraging and providing free access to the arts for all.

The redevelopment of part of the Athenaeum building has been made possible through support and partnership with the Creative Culture Trust CIO, Sunderland City Council and Social Investment Business.

The Athenaeum building was once an important cultural hub for the city of Sunderland, playing an important role in the development of culture, design, engineering and photography in the region. Originally opened in 1843, Creative Culture Trust and Breeze Creatives have once again opened up the Athenaeum building to the public after extensive investment in the creation of studios, creative work space and office space alongside a new extension to Abject Gallery with a Sunderland location. Abject gallery’s international focus intends to bring contemporary art work from all over the world to Sunderland audiences.

The final step of the redevelopment was to create much needed exhibition space for local artists and creatives.

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